Taekwondo Black Belt Testing

May 21, 2023 3:30 pm - May 21, 2023 6:00 pm

Taekwondo Black Belt Testing.

This testing is only for Recommended 1st Dan black belts and higher. All students who wish to test must ask permission from an instructor to ensure you have met the minimum requirements for eligibility.


Physical requirements include basics, form(s), self-defenses, sparring, and board breaking. Completed testing packets including the checklist, written test and tenet project (when applicable) must be turned in by May 5th to Mr. or Mrs. Swanson. Some students have to redo parts of their test and this will allow you time to do so. Be prepared for verbal responses of your written test questions and other basic information, make a copy of your test answers to study. You also need to bring all your sparring gear and any weapons or props for your self-defenses. If you have a specific partner helping with your self-defenses, make sure you have practiced with that partner, and they make plans to attend testing.

Black Belt Testing Prep Camp:

Prep Camp is not required but is highly encouraged to ensure the black belt candidate is fully prepared for testing.  We will cover all aspects of the test in detail.  Three sessions, cost is $50.

Friday, May 5: 7–8 pm   •   Friday, May 12, 7–8 pm   •   Friday, May 19, 7–8 pm

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